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Please note: SD Quads has been discontinued and is no longer available.


SD Quads™ for Windows®

Real-time GPS positioning on USGS Digital Topo Maps

With Auto-stitch™ technology!

Just $39.95! (most States)

Includes every topo map for an entire State on a single SD card!

¨  Most States just $39.95!

¨ Includes every 1:24,000 scale (7.5’ Quadrangle), 1:100,000 scale and 1:250,000 scale map for the entire state.  These are not just the large-scale maps.  The card includes ALL of the 7.5', highly-detailed topo maps as well (for that state).

¨ Internet and cell-phone based topo maps are pretty much useless when you're in states like WY, AZ, UT, ID, MT and many other western states.  That's because most of these areas have very limited cell reception!  But with SD Quads, all of the maps are already on the card, so you're covered wherever you go!

¨ Connect to your GPS receiver and the maps will center on your position wherever you go in the State!

¨ Auto-stitch technology automatically stitches maps together as you drive, so you never have to pre-load maps, or search for the map you “need”.

¨ A huge time-saver!  How much time would you have to spend downloading EVERY topo map for an entire State (roughly 1500 or more) from the USGS or another web site?  With SD Quads, you get every map for the entire state on a single SDHC card.  Just pop the card into your laptop or NetBook, install the SD Quads software, and away you go!

¨ Not just great software, but a great resource, too.  With SD Quads, you can save any map as a geo-referenced .tiff image (complete with .tfw World file).  Then use the map anyway you like, including as a background image in handheld devices.

¨ And, with our package, you get the best of both worlds.  First, you get software that auto-stitches borderless maps as you drive.  What’s more, when you export the map, you see all the border information as well, just like the original USGS digital topo map (in fact, that’s what it is).

¨ Create Waypoints with text, symbols, AND PICTURES!

¨ Import / Export Waypoints and GPX files.

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What’s in the Box?

  • 1 8GB or 16GB SDHC card with every topo map for the entire State.

  • SD Quads Software ready to install.

  • Installation and User Guide booklet (field sized).

  • PDF copy of the Installation and User Guide booklet.




(c) Copyright 2011 Prosurv LLC


he features link to see more SD Quads™ features.