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DMX - 512 Software for your PC

Major Highlights

Download the Prosurv DMX Installation and Quick Start Guide here

  • Requires the USB DMX Interface (see the picture below).  You can order the interface at

  • Runs virtually any DMX controllable fixture

    • RGB LED PAR cans

    • RGB LED palettes and spots

    • Standard PAR cans (on DMX dimmer packs)

    • LASERs

    • Gobo's

    • Moving fixtures

  • Easy to learn, easy to use interface

  • 5 identical 'Control Boxes'.  Each control box let's you:

    • Select up to 5 different colors to create a color sequence

    • Checkmark each fixture in the list that you want to display the color sequence

    • Set it to Loop and the sequence automatically starts over

    • Set the Interval from 0.01 seconds up to 30 seconds between each color!

    • Gradient feature changes from the current color to the next color in single RGB steps for a cool effect

    • Synchronize any or all 5 control boxes

      • For example, you can set all your stage left fixtures in one control box to go from Red to Blue.  Then set all the stage right fixtures in Control Box 2 to go from Blue to Red.  Synchronize 1 & 2 and then click Activate in Control Box 1 and you'll get Red-Blue-Red-Blue stage left, and Blue-Red-Blue-Red stage right for a really neat effect!

  • Quick Set Control Box has two colors and two buttons and will override anything else that's going on when Activated.  Let's say you want to blackout all but one light between songs.  Just select the fixtures that you want to assign (in the fixture list box), and leave one unchecked.  Set the color to Black and when it's time, just hit the Set Color button.  Click the button again and it returns everything to how it was!  Use the other color and button combination to set everything to Blue or Red or any other color, instantly!

  • 2 LASER controller boxes

    • Each one is designed to control 1 LASER fixture (that's why we give you two) at a time.  Just check the LASER that you want to control, and the LASER PATTERN list for that LASER is filled in.  Then you can easily select any one of the patterns in the list (such as Box or Rectangle).

    • There are 4 color check boxes, Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue.  If your LASER supports multi-color, like red, green, and yellow, you can check any combination of colors and the LASER will display the selected color(s).

    • You can quickly and easily set up an unlimited sequence of patterns!  Then hit the Start button and the sequence is started.

    • The Auto Delay box lets you control the sequence two different ways.  If the Auto Delay is set to 0, you can control the sequence manually by clicking Next.

    • Set the Auto Delay to any value other than 0 and the sequence will step through the patterns using a timer.  A value of 5 means that each pattern will display for 5 seconds.

  • Gobo control box

    • Select the gobo fixture that you want to control

    • Quickly change gobo patterns by spinning the Gobo knob

    • Use the Color knob to quickly change colors

    • Focus slider lets you control the focus

  • Moving fixture box

    • Select the moving fixture that you want to control

    • Use the Pan, Tilt, and Speed sliders to control the fixture

  • 17 Individual Direct Channel Access Faders

    • Control any of the 512 channels at any time

    • Blackout-all and Return buttons

  • Save every setting instantly to a file, just like using a Document program!

    • Everything is saved to a file, including all of your colors, check boxes, fixtures, intervals, sequences, synchronized boxes...

    • So if you do the same shows at different venues every week, you simply Open the file for that show!

  • Built in Prosurv DMX Library is ever-expanding

    • Add to the Prosurv DMX Library yourself!

    • Built-in "Create Fixture File" window

    • Easy to use window lets you add RGB, LASER, GOBO, and Moving Fixtures quickly and easily, based on the manufacturer's DMX chart.  Yes, with Prosurv DMX, you can add to the Library whenever you need to!

  • Then, create your own PERSONAL FIXTURE LIBRARY by selecting from the built in Prosurv DMX Library.

    • Easy to use spreadsheet-style presentation of known fixtures

    • Just click the row to add the fixture

      • Give the fixture a "UNIQUE" name.  These names are then shown in each Control Box, for easy identification!

      • For example, you could give them names like "Spot 1 Left" or "Palette 1 Center"

      • The DMX Starting Address for each fixture is automatically computed for you!  But of course, you can change them now, or change them later using the View/Edit Personal Fixture List window.

    • A picture of each fixture makes them easy to identify

    • Search for fixtures by fixture name or manufacturer (there's a Find Next for each too)

    • Each Control Box shows a list of available fixtures.  These are the fixtures that you've selected to be in your Personal Fixture Library.  Each one shows the "unique" name and displays the starting channel address for the fixture!  So you can instantly see your channel assignments!

  • Each on screen button (like Activate) has an "F" key (Function key) assigned to it.  So you can Activate control box 1 just by hitting F1 on your keyboard!

  • Color chase sequences are actually seen on the screen in real-time (you can turn this off if you'd like)

  • Handy DIP Switch window!

    • Just enter in your DMX Address and the DIP Switch pattern is displayed instantly!

  • The Main Screen contains a total of 10 Boxes.

    • You can hide or show any of the 10 boxes at any time, which allows you to easily customize the screen to fit your PC or laptop!

    • You can also MOVE any of the 10 boxes to any location on the screen!

    • These settings are stored and remembered automatically, so the next time you run Prosurv DMX, everything goes back the way you like it!






The USBDMX Interface (shown here to the left) is available at, and is required in order to use the Prosurv DMX software.